We meet children where they are, helping them to understand and take delight in themselves, each other, and our world. Our multi-age classrooms give children opportunities to learn from one another and also serve as role models and mentors.

reading and writing

Lifelong skills in reading and writing begin with the space to explore the wonders of language in fun and interesting ways. We create opportunities every day for kids to learn about letters and words. Having fun with what we learn is an important part of valuing reading and writing at any age.

math, science, and environment

More than numbers and counting, we help kids explore and develop avenues for independent and collaborative problem solving. From bugs to outer space, patterns to number games, environmental awareness and protection – we love math and science.

art, music, and imaginative play

Kids learn to love the many ways to be creative with themselves and others. Arts and crafts materials are available for self-expression throughout the day, and there is no wrong way to create anything we can imagine. Music and imaginative play provide endless opportunities to learn about anything and everything.


Children learn through play. Imagination, curiosity, and discovery take flight in playful minds. We encourage positive play experiences every day at BCS. We spend time outdoors every day and believe that anything we can do inside we can do outside.

social play

The essence of childhood is playing and entering imaginary worlds together. No one is left out at BCS. Interaction through play with others fosters collaboration and cooperation. Unstructured play helps children learn to get along with one another and resolve conflicts constructively.

individual play

We help children find delight and be grounded in in their own company, prompting them to explore ideas and topics at their own pace. Nurturing our introspective selves and structuring our own time sparks imagination and creativity.


At BCS, you and your children will find

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Our teachers have

  • a passion for teaching and for kids
  • respectful, compassionate communication
  • enthusiasm for our curriculum
  • eagerness and flexibility to follow the interests of kids
  • outside interests, passions and talents
  • academic professionalism

A complete listing of our current teaching staff can be found here.

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